Injector Removal Kit FORD 2.0 TDCi (YNF6), without 12 t hydraulic cylinder

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For removing frozen common rail injectors from the cylinder head using 12 t hollow piston cylinders. The 2-phase extraction system specially adapted for this engine includes two removal options:
Phase 1:
Here, the extraction device is attached to the injector in a "non-de-structive" manner. However, with this variant, only limited tractive force can be permitted on the injector. If the tractive force is not sufficient to pull the injector out of the cylinder head, you must then proceed with phase 2.

Phase 2:
Here, the injector nozzle is manipulated and destroyed in order to be able to attach a pull-out connection to the injector with a high tensile force. This allows extremely tight injectors to be pulled out under the full pulling force of the 12 t hydraulic cylinder. If the injector breaks off at the lower screw connection during the extraction process, the rest of the injection nozzle can also be extracted using additional parts from this tool set.

Engine installed from 2016 in Ford Transit and since 2018 in Ford Gala-xy, S-Max, Mondeo, Focus, C-Max and many more.

Engine: 2,0 EcoBlue TDCi
Engine code: YLFS 77 KW / YLF6 77 KW / YMF S 96 KW / YMF6 96 KW / YNF S 125 KW / YNF6 125 KW / YLR6 77 KW / YMR6 96 KW / YNR6 125 KW