Tool Tray PRO SET Slipproof 3 pcs.

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Product number 85000955
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  • 100% silicone
  • extremely flexible
  • adheres to almost all materials
- very robust
- easy to clean
- no soiling/damage to the interior
- no damage to paintwork

Very flexible and non-slip tool tray for use directly on the vehicle. Professional filing and storage during the work process.

Filing & storage of e.g.
- Tools
- bits & sockets
- dismantled small parts spare parts
- screws, clips etc.

Also particularly suitable, for example, for depositing the Pichler special tools during the drilling process of a defective glow plug.

Tray: 275 x 145 x 25mm
Tray: 260 x 230 x 25mm
Tray: 540 x 295 x 30mm