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Sensor Service Set BASIC

Sensor Service Set BASIC

  • Spezialstecknuss zum Lösen festsitzender Sensoren und Sonden
  • aus gehärtetem Werkzeugstahl
Specialist sockets for the removal of sensors and transmitters.

- The double casing prevents the socket from bending open.
- The slot prevents damage to the cable
- Tap for repair and cleaning of the thread
- Can also be used in confined spaces
- Can also be used with a combination spanner
- Made of hardened tool steel

60525114 Socket Adapter Hex 14
60525014 Operating Socket for Hex 14
60525117 Socket Adapter Hex 17
60525017 Operating Socket for Hex17
60525119 Socket Adapter Hex 19
60525019 Operating Socket for Hex19
Product number60525020