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Hydraulic Ball Joint Separator 26 und 32 mm

Hydraulic Ball Joint Separator 26 und 32 mm

with 4.5 ton compressive force, suitable for ball pins, ball joints and tie rod ends

The Hydraulic Ball Joint Separator with 4.5 t compressive force was specially developed for the new generation ball pins in aluminium steering knuckles. The conical ball pins are clamped over a significantly greater distance in these steering knuckles than in cast steel knuckles. The use of conventional, manual ball joint pullers are therefore no longer possible in many vehicles. 
In order to achieve the ideal pressing height for the different stub axles, the upper crosspiece of the Separator can be turned. The maximum pressing height can thus be increased from 60mm to 72mm.
The fork sizes of the claws are 26 & 32mm and allow a secure and damage-free separating of the ball pins.
Product number10646300