Inspection light MINI 3-LED 3 pcs.

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  • Set 3-tlg.
Extremely bright and powerful mini work and inspection lamp. The ultra-thin and very slim design makes it particularly suitable for illuminating confined and inaccessible areas. The lamp can be completely folded and has in this state „trouser pocket format“. The floodlight attached to the outside serves as a very bright flashlight in this state. The very strong magnet at the foot end of the lamp is ideal for placing the lamp in all possible and impossible places.

Very powerful light sources:
Floodlight 1: 100 lm - 200 lm, burn time: 2h - 4 Std.
Floodlight 2: 180 lm, burn time: 2,2 Std.
Spotlight : 80 lm, burn time: 3 Std.
Magnetic base
CE, RoHS, IP54, IK07