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Crimp Plier-Set, 40-pcs.
Crimp Plier-Set, 40-pcs.

Crimp Plier-Set, 40-pcs.

  • 6-fold crimp profile
  • For cable lugs from 6 - 35mm².
  • Lever length: 250mm Total length: 390mm
- 38 cable lugs, especially suitable for the contact terminals, M6, M8 & M10

Crimping or pressing ground cables, Lima cables, etc. is extremely difficult due to the large cable cross-section. Conventional crimping pliers are not designed for these cable diameters. The result of this is often an incorrectly pressed tubular cable lug, which can then lead to the failure of the affected components.

The cable lug range meets the requirements of the cable cross-section of passenger cars and vans.
Thus, the necessary repair can be carried out in a time-saving manner.
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