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Glowplug Hole Brushes Set 14 pieces

Glowplug Hole Brushes Set 14 pieces

  • Brush made of steel and brass wire
  • Ø 4.7 mm - 11 mm
  • 14 pieces - Two brushes for each size
To clean glow plug holes and to prepare for the use of reamers.

Tube brush Ø4.7 mm, steel wire 6049024
Tube brush Ø5.3 mm, steel wire 6049025
Tube brush Ø6.5 mm, steel wire 6049026
Tube brush Ø7.0 mm, steel wire 6049027
Tube brush Ø8.5 mm, steel wire 6049029
Tube brush Ø11.0 mm, steel wire 6049031
Tube brush Ø4/Ø6/Ø9 mm shouldered, brass wire 9049026
Product number90490300
BrandsUniversell, Universell