Milling and cleaning set for tyre valves

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Professional milling and cleaning tool for the sealing seat of the tyre valves in alloy rims.
Salt corrosion and oxidation leaves residues and dissolves the lacquer and clear coat in aluminium rims, which often leads to a small bubble formation and lifting of the lacquer.

This damage causes air to leak around the tyre valve because the valve is no longer completely flat against the surface. Depending on the severity of the damage, the seat must first be cleaned and/or deburred before the grinding and polishing pins can grind the seat flat in the next work step.

The two 2-stage grinding & polishing pins and the 3 actuating tools of different lengths allow the use of the milling and grinding tools depending on the type of aluminium rim.

Suitable for all valves installed in alloy rims (rubber, screwed steel valves and TPMS valves).