Trim clip removal plier "soft" multifunction

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Product number 91111925
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  • Suitable for all common plastic clips
  • Additional cutting function (e.g. cutting of cable ties etc.)
  • Extra slim pliers head design
- Adjustable pliers jaw stop
- Spring loaded
- Easy release of various clips through lever action
- Recesses on the cutting edge for safe removal of the reusable clips

Very practical clip removal pliers with multifunction. Adjustable Jaws. Protective inlay on the back of the pliersjaws prevent scratches and protect against damage. Recesses on the cutting edges protect reusable clips from damage.

- Dimensions: 175 mm
- Max. opening: 30 mm
- Weight: 175 g
- Plier: black atramentised
- Head: polished
- Handles: non-slip, plastic handle