Vibro Impact nut release attachment
Vibro Impact nut release attachment

Vibro Impact nut release attachment

  • Schnelles Lösen auch stark verrosteter Muttern
  • Hochbelastbar und ergonomischer Handgriff
  • geringer Kraftaufwand

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For quick vibration release of tight fittings. Fits to Vibro Impact 80257000.

Length: 190mm
Width: 65mm
Inside width: 27mm

Useful for the removal of seized or stuck fittings e.g. of steering tie rods, suspension, etc. With a Vibro Hammer over the straight punch a blow pulse vibration is transmitted on to the flats of the fitting to bee removed. The Vibration shocks the rust and releases the nut.

- Ergonomic handle.
- Easy use.
- High quality design.
- Quick removal of strong rusted fittings.

Suited for: universal
Product number10640660
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