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Brake disk and drum extractor with 12t hydr. components

Brake disk and drum extractor with 12t hydr. components

  • Span width ca. 520 mm, span depth ca. 115 mm,
  • Thread 2 ¼" x 16

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For extracting the front brake disks of the Mondeo and the rear brake drums of the Transit. Two solid arms with broad puller hooks give the puller a safe hold and distribute the pressure evenly on the brake disk/drum. Using a hand pump and 12t hollow piston cylinders the extremely seized brake disks can be dismantled safely and quickly. The hydraulic components are also used in conjunction with our wheel bearing and certain bush tools.
The puller can also be used with the 10t hydraulic cylinder p/n 802 51 10

Brake disks front Ford Mondeo `96-00
Brake drums rear Ford Transit from `00

Brake disk and drum extractor p/n 613 37 61
Adapter for 12t. hydr. cylinder p/n 614 91 90
Adapter size 1 1 1/2" x 16. p/n 614 91 41
12t hydr. open core cylinder stroke 42 mm p/n 802 51 00
Hydraulic hose ca. 2,20 m p/n 802 53 00
Hose adapter with ball valve p/n 802 54 00
Hand pump model 11 p/n 802 55 10
Product number6133755
AvailabilityAvailable on order (no express delivery)