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Universal ABS Sensor Reamer Set 7 pieces with Ratchet and Reamers Ø10,14,15&18mm

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  • fine-toothed, short flex-head ratchet for working in hard to access areas. Only rotating clockwise to prevent damage
  • perfectly prepared sensor hole
  • exact positioning of the new sensor
Handy precision reamers for cleaning the mounting hole for the ABS sensor in the wheel bearing housing.

through the accurate cleaning, new sensors are not damaged when installing.

Reamer size Gr.1 ¼" 34,2 mm 18 mm Audi / VW, Seat, Škoda, & commercial vehicles
Reamer size Gr.2 ¼" 23,2 mm 18 mm Audi / VW, BMW E36, E46, Seat, Škoda
Reamer size Gr.3 ¼" 32,2 mm 14 mm BMW E38, E39,E60, E65, E61, E63, E64, E52, E66, E67, E70 , E71, new X5 & X6
Reamer size Gr.4 ¼" 23,2 mm 15 mm Mercedes-Benz A class, Mazda & Ford
Reamer size Gr.5 ¼" 29,2 mm,
150 mm long 10 mm VW Golf V, Polo 9N, T5, Škoda Fabia, Seat Ibiza & Opel Insignia
Twist drill bit Ø 10 mm
Flex-head ratchet ¼" with flexible head, only rotating clockwise